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We are a competitive digital marketing agency that specializes in services for the hospitality and vacation rental management industries. Although our real quest is to work with exceptional companies in any industry, that truly value a marketing partnership based on respect, trust & collaborative hard work. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, we believe in providing our clients with the personalized support they need to meet their website and business goals, custom-tailored to their unique business, destination, and resources.

Partnering with Defiance means you are adding a committed team of digital marketers to your own in-house resources and exponentially magnifying your implementation capacities. Want to learn more about our small but effective agency approach?

WE ARE rEAL Authentic pEOPLE

You should know the people creating work on behalf of your brand, that connection elevates your results. We at Defiance feel that the better we get to know our clients, their team, and the nuances of their business & destination the better our work becomes for them. We seek out unique clients that care about the people part of their business & marketing, clients that want an addition to their team, NOT a large-scale agency experience.


We Have marketing Skills

As Defiance we know A LOT about marketing + vacation rentals… and we are really good at researching the rest. As a team, our strengths lie in great communication, organization, & follow-through. As digital marketers, we complement each other with specific industry skills in all the digital channels, analytics & website management. We use our skills in conjunction with yours, because it takes a team to market any business or destination well!


We know vacation Rentals

Most of our team has been in vacation rental marketing for over a decade. It’s a unique & ever-changing industry, constantly impacted by evolving technologies, legislation, escalating corporate interests,  & even mother nature.  Maintaining the authenticity of guest experiences & navigating change can be difficult, we use our knowledge & that of our collective clientele to help problem solve your specific challenges.


What We Value

Genuine partnerships built on communication, integrity & teamwork. We strive to be:


Honest, hardworking, and as much to the point as you can handle. We are who we are, and we want the same from our clients. If that makes us a good fit then we want to work together, if it doesn’t we are OK with that too!


Things get done when individuals are assigned tasks, with clear expectations, and held accountable for the results. We operate that way in-house and with our clients. We hold ourselves, each other, & you to high standards & timelines. We even occasionally make mistakes, but we always own them and make good at correcting them. We are in this together through thick & thin…As a TEAM!


Some call it stubborn, we call it persistent. We work hard for ourselves & for our clients. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed, it’s just that simple. If you need your own marketing team or help to push your in-house team to new heights, let us show you what we can do!


“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

-Dale Carnegie-

We aren’t raging comic personalities…but we enjoy a good laugh and we love what we do. We want to find clients that feel the same way, it just makes things better!

We also like Vacations, Sunsets, & Unicorns!



Dedicated Vacation Rental Marketers

Danielle Rozga

Paid Ads Manager

Danielle has worked in the digital marketing world for more than 15 years, including 10 plus years of hands-on Paid Advertising experience specifically for vacation rental & tourism-based clients. She enjoys the collaborative process of working with clients to achieve their marketing goals & deliver high-quality service with measurable results.

Tammy Caughlin


With  10 years of agency-level experience serving clients in the vacation rental, hospitality, & travel industries, Tammy’s unique & integrated approach comes from years of experience getting sh** done executing the marketing work that she later project managed. Her style is to work hard, be honest, communicate well & incorporate as much humor as she can fit in.

Portrait of Dustin Smart

Dustin Smart

SEO & Analtyics Expert

After teaching Special Education for almost a decade, Dustin forged a new path in order to pursue his interests in web design, analytics, & SEO. With video editing & cinematography experience, he brings a wide range of skills and reliability that builds strong relationships with data-driven results. Good data is at the heart of any “Smart” decision!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Defiance ONLY work within the Vacation Rental Industry?


Predominantly Yes… With over 10 years of experience working specifically for vacation rental, tourism, and hospitality-based businesses we have developed a unique understanding of the onsite operations, software and marketing needs that are vital to serving vacation rental managers and overlapping industry businesses. That said, we also have created this small agile agency with the biggest focus being on partnerships and finding solutions for businesses that value our skills.

As a result, we occasionally take on clients with the right cooperative approach from outside of our niche travel & vacation rental industries. These few rewarding relationships have offered new perspectives and strategic opportunities that only make us better “outside the box” thinkers for every client we help. Defiance specializes in Vacation Rental Marketing Services but we are willing to talk with anyone that has clear goals and the right fame of mind.

Will Defiance Work With Other Marketing Companies or Third-party Service Providers?


ABSOLUTELY! We love working with everyone that is willing to play nice and has the client’s best interest at heart. In fact, we think that it takes a village, and that the best solutions often come from collective efforts and multiple perspectives hashing through several versions to get to the best answer. Additionally, we will not sell ourselves as the all-knowing experts in everything marketing, we frequently rely on other’s expertise and we welcome the opportunity to work with anyone, (in-house or third-party) that wants to build great things on behalf of our clients.

Does Defiance Provide Training Opportunities for Their Clients?


You Betcha! We learned a long time ago, that educating our clients is the best way to get more results for them. The more someone understands what we do, or better yet can help us do what we do, the more of a partnership it develops and the better results we can obtain. Our goal at Defiance is to become so integrated within our client’s operations that we just seem like more of the in-house team (no matter how big or small). If a client has the time and interest to do for themselves we are more than happy to help them accomplish that. And if they run out of time, we jump in to do the work that they now understand because we trained them.

From Our Partners

We value the relationships we build with clients, they are the heart and soul of our business, and we are extremely proud that most of our clients turn into longterm partnerships founded on teamwork & results!

 “Defiance is great, highly recommend!


Victoria Smith

Owner, Alpenglow Vacation Rentals, LLC

Defiance is able to execute on ideas with a level of creativity that really captures our audience and promotes our brand.

Carrie Danbom

Marketing Director, Perdido Realty Vacations

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